Climate connection funds british council programme in mexico. Film festival stage with two women and one man presenting

Within the framework of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) that took place in the United Kingdom this year, the British Council in Mexico carried out various activities related to the subject, being the organization Ambulante Documental its main partner in the development of projects, such as the creation of the laboratory "Hacking the Climate Crisis: The Future is Indigenous", the realization of the Climate Story Lab Mexico and the delivery of the Climate Connection Funds.

These funds were presented at the Climate Story Lab Mexico, held at the Indie Rocks Forum from December 1 to 4, 2021.  Through these funds, the British Council in Mexico granted economic support to feature-length documentaries that address issues of climate and social justice.  The beneficiaries  will be able to finance all or part of the various phases and needs in the realization of their documentary projects, all of which would be completed during these two upcoming years.

Congratulations to the selected projects:

  • "Detrás de la felicidad", by Bernardino de Jesús López de la Cruz and Zaira Geraldine Coutiño Bach.
  • "Nasakopajk" by Miqueas Sánchez and Néstor Abel Jimenez Díaz
  • "Naturaleza Voraz" by Glenny Torres and Sharon Alpuche
  • "Quijay / Nuestra semilla" by Emma Carlota Cucul and Brenda Yulissa Xol Reyes,
  • "Sinfonía Lacustre" by Maria Jose Villela Torreblanca and Juan Salvador Santana Martinez
  • "Ulew, Tierra" by Cecilia Manuela Us Soc and Berta Lidia Chirix García
Climate connection funds british cpouncil programme in mexico all crew
Climate connection funds british council programme in Mexico