Dive into our comprehensive reports designed to empower institutions with the insights and tools needed to forge successful international partnerships in higher education, with a keen focus on Transnational Education (TNE). 

Unveiling the intricacies of international collaboration, our guides offer invaluable knowledge, enabling universities to navigate the landscape with confidence. From understanding the diverse models of transnational education to evaluating risks and benefits, and from decoding regulatory frameworks to practical tips on partnership development and management.

Explore key topics such as:

  • Defining and modelling transnational education 
  • Evaluating risks and rewards of global partnerships 
  • Gaining insights into the TNE scene in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil 
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape 
  • Crafting successful TNE partnerships 
  • Utilising checklists for partnership development and management 
  • Drawing inspiration from real-life case studies of triumphant TNE collaborations across the three countries 

We envision higher education institutions leveraging this resource to supercharge their internationalisation efforts, worldwide, around 61% of UK TNE activity is at the undergraduate level. By embracing the insights, recommendations, and best practices outlined in our guides, institutions can steer their partnerships towards success. 

Embrace innovation, adapt strategies to local regulatory landscapes, and draw inspiration from exemplary case studies to elevate your partnership initiatives to new heights! 

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