Professional development in times of pandemic

The pandemic shocked education around the world. The report made by the British Council and ELT Consultants on the skills that teachers have to acquire in their professional development for teaching in this context, was the topic of this round table where conclusions and lessons learned were discussed. 

Moderators: Alicia Artusi and Graham Stanley

Panelists: Wendy Arnold, Harry Kuchah, Shelagh Rixon.

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Wendy Arnold is the Director and Co-Founder of ELT Consultants, a consultancy started in 2009 and which has 55 globally positioned Associate Consultants. The consultancy specialised in ELT and teaching English to young learners. Wendy has over 30 years of experience in ELT as a teacher, trainer, materials writer, researcher and consultant. She holds an MA in Teaching English toYoung Learners TEYL (University of York, UK).


Harry Kuchah Kuchah is Lecturer in Language Education at the University of Leeds, UK. He has served as a consultant on language policy and practice with the British Council, the Council of Europe and Windle Trust International and is Past President of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).


Shelagh Rixon was a teacher, trainer and administrator in the English Language Division of the British Council and then as an Associate Professor at Warwick University, specialising in English for Young Learners. She has written course material and books for teachers. Her PhD deals with early literacy practices in the teaching of English as another language.


Alicia Artusi works for British Council Americas from Argentina. Previously she worked as Materials Developer and Quality Manager for the Ceibal English project. She holds an MA in Education and Professional development with NILE and the University of Chichester, UK. and has written articles for teachers and several coursebooks.


Graham Stanley is the British Council’s English for Educational System Lead for the Americas. Prior to this, he was Country Director Uruguay, helping to manage the teaching of English remotely to 80,000 primary school children.  He has an M.Ed. in ELT and Learning Technologies (University of Manchester, UK).

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