BBELT Webinar series 2

Teaching entirely virtually was a surprise shock and has not only been difficult for teachers, but also for students who struggle with keeping their physical and mental health in order just as teachers do. Your classroom must be a safe space where you are constantly building the resilience of everyone involved. With this webinar you will be able to train yourself with some strategies that have come out of recent experiences to try to solve the new dynamics that will allow you to maintain your stability as well as the stability of your students.

Speaker: Omar Rugerio Pineda

Omar Rugerio holds a B.Ed. in TEFL (ENA), the ICELT (University of Cambridge) and an M.A. in Education (UNITEC). He is a teacher, teacher educator, former Champion Teacher, and teacher-research advocator. He is currently becoming a specialist in digital teaching (UPAEP) and serving as the BBELT TR-SIG online events coordinator.