In the Americas we are working to ensure young people have the skills to be employable and to build inclusive and creative economies, which support stable and prosperous societies. This includes:

  • ensuring young people (aged 4–30) have the skills, resilience and networks to find pathways to better lives
  • working with partners to build the knowledge required to support effective approaches to skills and enterprise development
  • providing students and professionals with internationally recognised UK qualifications for study, life and work
  • delivering high quality English teaching to help the youth both study and work to develop careers, confidence and networks
  • ensuring the youth are more employable, entrepreneurial and successful because of the skills they acquire
  • strengthening the capacity of entrepreneurs to establish and run successful businesses in the creative sector to support improved employment and increased national wealth
  • empowering and enabling cultural institutions and professionals in the region to develop innovative cultural offers in order to diversify and grow their audiences, increase their national competitiveness and enhance their international visibility and credibility.

Find out more about our current programmes of work in this area below on our local country websites.