Abel Dorantes / Project Manager Science and Innovation, Mexico

What's been the most important thing you've learnt as a result of working with the British Council?

From the British Council I have learned many things after working for a few years in private institutions; here I have had the opportunity to understand, and to commit, with the importance that the impact of our programs have in the societies of the countries where we work. In the different projects where I have participated, there is always the willingness to learn good practices from other countries, in addition my colleagues from this and different regions have always been very interested in what is happening in Mexico.

What skill have you developed or learnt working here?

I have also learned to develop networks not only in the communities in which I work with (in Mexico) but also with networks on a global level. It is surprising how in the diversity of environments, there are always points in common that invite us to work in teams, that have served to exchange ideas and develop our strengths as professionals and as people.

How would you describe the people you work with?

First of all, they are people accustomed to overcome group challenges, people who are passionate about their work, and who value diversity. In the British Council, there is people who is very creative and congruent with their ideals, many of my colleagues are also my friends and we coincide in social and sports activities outside the office.

What other area or business unit would you like to explore within the organisation?

In the month of March, I had the opportunity to see more closely the work of my colleagues in the Society area, specifically within the "Active Citizens" program. I was surprised by the great work the British Council is doing to strengthen civil society, globally wise. Of course, I would like to learn even more about how society programs as a whole respond to the needs to create opportunities and generate change. It seems to me that there are many possibilities to link the work on Science and Innovation with the work on Society. 

What do you think the British Council could/should do more of?

A good way to continue promoting friendly relations between the United Kingdom and the countries would be to facilitate even more the global exchange, not only of experiences, but also from people between the different offices. This would be a good way to continue adding value to our work and improve the impact of our programs.

What would you like to say to anyone interested in working with the British Council?

It is an organization that fosters creativity in the search for solutions to the problems that the world is facing today, prioritizing friendly relations between countries with programs of long lasting and systemic impact. Our work with the people is inspiring and is a source of motivation for those of us who work at the British Council.