Adan Nuñez / Customer Service & Sales Agent, Mexico

(Original translation from Adan)

What British Council behaviour(s) do you feel more identified with?

I feel identified with Being accountable, because it gives you a chance to demonstrate who you really are in terms of reliability. The British Council trust you are doing your best without exerting pressure on you to comply your commitments, without rigid and inflexible control measurements. When a company believes in me in this way I feel doubly committed with the results I must deliver every day. This means that you are committed with your values, which makes you able to work together and connect with others through creating a share purpose to shape the future and make it happen. 

What would you like to share about your work, area and/or yourself?

When I first joined the British Council, it was as an intern of the Customer Service Department, doing simple activities that did not involve high responsibility. However, as being part of the Customer service team, I saw the work demand specially in registrations period. So I decided not to conform to the same things and go for more. I was aware of this meant more work hours and responsibility but I took the risk. So, through my work, I gained confidence to register financial incomes and contribute with something beyond just giving information to customers. In the end of my internship programme my line manager invited me to be part of the British Council staff. For me, the British Council is a company of opportunities that allows you to develop your potential, besides believing in you. They trust you can do it!.

What would you like for external people to know about the British Council's EDI policy?

Being part of the British Council staff is the result of this company to focus on your potential, values, experience or any other valuable thing you have to offer, instead of your disabilities, sexual preferences, beliefs, religion, age or even where you live. I know some colleagues who were living in other cities before being hired by British Council, which means British Council finds talent wherever it is and to whoever is willing to share it. Personally, I was living in Cuernavaca before working here in Mexico city. I decided to study a bit later than traditional, in my thirties. The British Council gave me the opportunity to be part of its staff at the end of my studies through acceptance in one of its internship programmes. I know I am not the only one. There are other colleagues who began in this way. The equality, diversity and inclusion really place in the British Council.  

What is the benefit that you like or enjoy the most within our organization?

The trust they put in me is a benefit. Although I’m aware that I suppose to comply a working day, I don’t have to run every day to register my entrance. This allows me to work with no pressure, which makes my work load less heavy and stressful. Another benefit I’ve had is the chance to improve my English communication skills, through taking advantage of the English courses and the everyday chances interacting with others.

What do you hope to develop personally or professionally in the next year?

One of my goals is being more involved in different areas of customer services and exams in order to learn and be prepared when necessary. Personally, I expect to get my International Trade degree and apply for a position relating to this area if possible, and I also hope to develop my English communication skills in advanced level by the end of the year. 

If you could thank a team or a person from the British Council through a message, to whom would you send it to and what would you like to say?

To Monica Teran. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of being part of the British Council, although all my qualifications and abilities are still under development. Thank you for valuing my effort and trust I can do it well day by day. This encourages me to give the best version of myself and take action in my personal and professional development.