Boris Garcia / Facilities and Procurement Manager -  Colombia

How long have you been working for the British Council?

13 years and a half

What do you love most about working here?

The British Council really promotes our values: valuing people, integrity, mutuality, creativity and professionalism. This is something we live on a day to day basis, not as a theoretical concept but as a whole experience.

Why would you recommend other people to join this organisation?

The British Council gives us the space to stretch ourselves. Work-life balance, friendly working environments, equal opportunities and a other number of advantages are standard in the British Council.

What has been your motivation to stay with us for over a decade?

I have had the opportunity to experience the growth of the British Council in Colombia from two houses in Calle 87 and Calle 91 to our current premises: Nogal (2006) and Salitre (2016). I am proud to have been part of the teams that built those premises and the ones in Medellin.

What three words would you use to describe our British Council culture?

People, Equality, Relationships.

What impact has the British Council had in your career?

The British Council has given me the space to stretch my IT knowledge and to apply that knowledge and my skills to roll out important projects in Teaching Centre and Exams.