Fabio Andrés Franco / Administrative Assistant, Colombia

What's been the most important thing you've learnt as a result of working with the British Council?

In the different areas that I have worked on, the most important thing I have learned from working in the British Council is doing things right. This is demonstrated by the impact we have generated during these 80 years in Colombia, it is gratifying to receive the expressions of gratitude from the people who have participated over the years in the different projects such as teachers, principals, even children who have benefited from the projects that I have supported.

What skill have you developed or learnt working here?

I have developed many skills, such as: the management of financial tools, time management, management of office tools, among others, but the one that I have developed the most has been my logistic side, I have strengthened this by demonstrating it in the planning and execution of different events and actions that require an order to reach an end.

How would you describe the people you work with?

One of the strengths of the British Council is to have a multidisciplinary work team because the knowledge and experiences make pleasant work days that enrich us and thus it's transformed into a better service.

What other area or business unit would you like to explore within the organisation?

I would like to work for Arts someday. All my life I liked working for other people, it is very important to support them to build a better country.

What do you think the British Council could/should do more of?

To continue working for the less favored, recently in Colombia different regions have been reached that were never thought to be reached through Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth projects. This has shown that we are not only a center for teaching English but we are also strong in social and humanitarian matters.

What would you like to say to anyone interested in working with the British Council?

Give yourself the opportunity to get to know another organizational culture, we have become a great family where you will meet great people, you can also get to do great things both personally and professionally, if you want it.