Yailet Landrove / Arts & English Manager, Cuba

What do you love most about working here?

What I like most about working here is having the opportunity of interacting with so many talented and diverse people.  As a projects manager, I feel it is very rewarding to be part of programs that really make a difference in people's lives. It is both challenging and demanding and therefore, it makes me feel encouraged to develop my skills and learn from other more experienced colleagues. Exchanging with children, experienced teachers, experts and  talented artists, through the projects we deliver, is very stimulating by providing each of them a new perspective, a new story.

Why would you recommend other people to join this organisation?

Because by joining this organization, you can make your contribution to the success of regional or even global programs that will generate a positive impact that will benefit disadvantaged communities around the world. Another excellent reason is that the British Council offers learning and development opportunities, stimulates talent and supports the professional development of its employees regardless of your role within the organization. 

What do you think is our company's biggest strength that we should be focusing on?

Being a global organisation that  generates influence through  the cultural relations and the educational opportunities.

What three words would you use to describe our BC culture?

Inclusive, global and creative.

What impact has the British Council had in your career?

I have become a more qualified, resilient and competitive professional. The exchange with UK experts and artists through our Arts & English programmes have given me a broader and renewed professional vision. 

What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?

My main motivation is believing that the work we do really matters, makes a difference, is highly appreciated in the countries we work at and makes me feel proud of being part of the most valuable resource that the British Council has: its staff.