The Newton Fund was created in 2014 with such challenges in mind. In its early stages, it supported projects in four Latin American countries: Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile. In 2017, Chile stepped out of the programme and Peru joined. In its final stage, between 2017 and 2021, the Newton Fund financed programmes in the countries here reported: Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico. Each project involved a Latin American partner and a British counterpart that joined forces in pursuit of a common goal

As delivering partners, we are pleased to share our report on the Delivering of the Newton Fund in Latin America through programs designed to promote quality joint research, capacity building and professional development of researchers from emerging economies and promoting the scientific production of excellence and the strengthening of the bonds of trust between the United Kingdom and the countries where we operate, in this particular case, in Latin America. After 7 years of implementation, 358 projects supported, benefiting more than 7,500 researchers, we hope this reading is of interest to you.