Ceibal en Inglés is a programme designed to teach English to children in state schools in Uruguay. The British Council has collaborated in this innovative initiative with Ceibal since 2012, playing a crucial role in transforming the educational landscape in Uruguay over the past decade.

With a positive impact on over 280,000 children in state schools, the programme has effectively addressed the shortage of English teachers in the country through video conferencing.

This programme not only provides a solution for the shortage of teachers, but also lays the groundwork for a long-term transformation in the education system.

Its success can be credited to the fruitful long-term collaboration between the public and private sectors, continuous technological innovation, and ongoing evaluation. It stands out as a global model of best practices in utilising educational technology to address the challenges in education.

Ceibal en Inglés highlights

  • A programme designed to teach English to state school children in Uruguay.
  • Remote classes conducted via videoconferencing with 200+ teachers based mainly in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • In 2023, 75,000 learners in 650 schools across the country were taught English remotely.
  • Over 280,000 children in public education have gained access to English through the program in 10+ years.
  • Since 2016, almost all upper primary school children in Uruguay receive at least three years of English lessons, either face-to-face or through Ceibal en Inglés.
  • Ceibal has connected 99% of schools in Uruguay, including remote rural schools, via fibre optic cable.
  • Remote teachers (RTs) collaborate closely with local classroom teachers (CTs) in Uruguayan schools, working together to support English teaching and learning.
  • Students receive 3x45 minute lessons per week, emphasising communicative language skills with a focus on speaking.
  • An annual national English adaptive test measures student achievement.

Explore the keys to revolutionising education

Eager to understand our impact, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the programme, earning five stars across 15 out of 20 global principles. These included aspects such as understanding local contexts, setting realistic and practical improvement objectives, addressing equality and inclusion issues, and maintaining consistent assessment.

To discover the keys that have revolutionised education through Ceibal en Inglés, we invite you to explore our report evaluating the programme to assess impact. Gain an in-depth insight into the transformative changes.

Download the summary report here

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Innovation, collaboration, and remote teaching: A life-changing programme   

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