The UK agent and counsellor training programme aims to become the premier training initiative for all professionals working with UK education providers. Successful completion of this programme equips individual agents and counselors with comprehensive knowledge of the UK education system and effective student counseling skills.

The thoroughness of our training instills confidence in UK education providers, assuring them that they are collaborating with well-informed and ethical education agents. Equally important, it instills confidence in prospective international students, ensuring they anticipate a high-quality experience when considering studying and residing in the UK.

Upon successful completion of the training course and endorsement of the National Code of Ethical Practice for Education Agents, you will receive an online certificate from the British Council, officially recognizing your knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, your credentials will be included in the Database of Certified Agents and Counselors, a resource utilized by both students and institutions to identify potential agent partners.

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Key topics covered in the training/hub include:

  • Why choose the UK?
  • The UK education system
  • Preparing students for a UK education
  • Student experience
  • Values and ethics
  • Visas and immigration
  • Post-study options
  • Working with the British Council

2023/24 Meet-ups for agents and counsellors

In order to promote the training, increase the knowledge about the UK education system and strengthen our relationship with agents and counsellors, we will develop a series of online events in 2023 and 2024, in partnertship with BELTA (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association). ​ 

The event will be delivered in the following format: 

  • Monthly 1h15 session, via Zoom 
  • In each session, UK partners will do an informative short presentation​ 
  • The sessions will be in English; accessibility resources, will be offered in the registration form and made available if requested

What you'll gain from attending? 

  • In-depth knowledge of the UK education system 
  • Effective student counselling strategies 

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Having consulted extensively with agents and counsellors to help us shape the new training programme, we have made the training accessible to as many people as possible.

  • The entire training programme is free of charge. No registration fee and no recertification fee
  • The course is 100% online, no need for any face-to-face learning or assessment
  • Content grouped in thematic areas, not by study level
  • Modules can be taken in any order, at any time
  • Experienced agents and counsellors can fast-track straight to the assessment, saving study time
  • Online certificates generated immediately upon successful completion

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