Education agents and counsellors hold a critical role in the international education sector, providing crucial guidance to students and families considering educational opportunities in the UK. To bolster their expertise, the British Council in Latin America, in collaboration with Edified, offers "UK Education Champions." This comprehensive 10-month online and free programme, featuring six online sessions, equips agents with in-depth knowledge of the UK education system and enhances their counselling skills. 

UK Education Champions programme has been meticulously tailored for Latin American agents and counsellors based on research insights and surveys conducted by the British Council and Edified in 2024. The training focuses on addressing the most relevant topics and formats to meet the specific needs of participants. By offering free and accessible training, the strives to become the premier initiative for professionals working with UK education providers in the region, ensuring their success in guiding students towards a rewarding educational journey in the UK.

Benefits for participants 

  • Those who finish the 10-month training will get a toolkit in their local language to promote the UK as a study destination. It includes PowerPoint presentations, programme images, and other visuals. They'll also receive a certificate recognised by UK higher education institutions for their training and promotion efforts in international education.
  • All participants of the training will be able to get an exclusive 'Champions badge' to spread the word about their achievements and qualifications via social media. 
  • This unique opportunity will deepen your knowledge and enhance your counselling skills.

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Training format

The programme will include:

•  Six online sessions conducted via Zoom. UK education experts will cover various topics related to UK education for international students during these meetings.

• Each session will include a mentoring component where participants can ask questions and engage in discussions relevant to their work context.

• Throughout the 10 month programme, participants will also complete study modules in the UK Agent and Counsellor Hub. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate provided by the British Council, widely recognised by UK education institutions.

Key dates

**Before attending each session we request that you complete the pre-requisite

Date Pre-requisite** Content of Zoom session
3 July 2024 Unit 1 - Why choose the UK? and Unit 3 - Preparing Students for a UK Education from the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training hub

• Why students should choose the UK as an education destination and the benefits of studying in the UK.

• Choosing courses of study and subject specific requirements

• How the UK compares to other study destinations

21 August 2024 Unit 2 - The UK Education System from the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training hub

• The UK Education System

• Higher Education: Undergraduate and Postgraduate study

• Foundation and pathway courses

9 October 2024 A new Unit (coming soon!) on Student Accommodation from the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training hub

• Student Accommodation landscape

• Customer Service Excellence

27 November 2024 Unit 4 - Student Experience and Unit 7 - Student Employability from the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training hub

 • Careers Services in the UK

• UK Graduate jobs market

• Graduate visa route

29 January 2025 Unit 5 - Values and Ethics and a new Unit (coming soon!) on the UK Payment Landscape from the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training hub

• National Code of Ethical Practice

• The Good Practice Guide for UK Education Agents

• UK Payment Landscape, Fraud and Bribery

2 April 2025

Unit 6 - Visas and Immigration and Unit 8 - Working with the British Council from the British Council Agent and Counsellor Training hub

• Entry Requirements and immigration regulations

• Student Visas


Training conditions

The training is fully free of charge, online via Zoom.

  • Participants should be working as school counsellors or independent agents or associated to agencies, as consultants or representatives of UK institutions.
  • The training is exclusive for participants working in countries in the Latin America region.

The sessions will last one hour taking place at: 

9:00 Mexico City | 12:00 Brasilia | 16:00 London time.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Sara Sandford, Project Lead at Edified at