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Prepare your students to further their English learning in the international domain. With these courses they can improve your English while adapting to life in an English-speaking country, or prepare to take an exam they´ll need to enter university in the UK.

We offer tailor-made courses that focus on general English, but can also include a component of "English for Specific Purposes" related to their area of studies. Students will learn specific English necessary for their future occupation, for example in tourism or business administration. Students can also take English exam preparation courses in which they will learn techniques and recommendations in order to achieve a high level in their English certification exam. All courses are conducted with world renowned institutions.

Academic English

Within the British Council, we have a relationship with 99% of British universities that offers your students the opportunity to learn from experts while simultaneously improving their English. Prepare your students to be successful in their subsequent studies, especially if they wish to apply to a university or an English-speaking higher education institution. Students will improve their English in an academic context and strengthen their academic skills including: note-taking, participation in discussions, reading comprehension, academic writing and research techniques. There are also many opportunities to gain experience in vocational occupations in further education colleges that offer hands on learning.