British Council will be launching a MOOC on the topic of Gender in Language Education. We will be taking the opportunity to explore how to approach this key issue in English Language Teaching, from materials design to lesson delivery.

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He is Lecturer in Language Education at Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh (UK), and an online teacher educator with Lenguas Vivas Bariloche, Argentina. He has carried out initiatives and research projects on the topic of gender diversity and inclusion in ELT. His most recent co-edited volume is “International Perspectives on Diversity in ELT” published by Palgrave in July 2021.


She believes that learning and teaching English has the power to emancipate teachers and students. She has been teaching English for 11 years and is enthusiastic about the use of technology in the classroom, inclusive materials and issues of race and gender. She has been in the world of online classes since 2016 and also works as a speaker. Tamires is passionate about training for teachers of English and other languages. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Literature, enabling Portuguese and English by The University of São Paulo and has a TESOL Certificate by Anaheim University (California). Tamires is certified by Cambridge University (Train the Trainer, Celta and CPE/ Cambridge /C2).