The SDGs, a vehicle for meaningful ELT

Panelist: Andrew Starling 

Given that the world is constantly changing, it is crucial to adapt to advancements and emerging challenges. The integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into English Language Teaching (ELT) is essential to contribute both in the classroom and in everyday life.

Discover how to achieve this through a free webinar with Andrew Starling, Product Development Manager at the University of Dayton, who will share strategies and highlight the importance of incorporating SDGs in ELT.

How to integrate Sustainable Development Goals into ELT?

English Language Teaching goes beyond grammatical and linguistic concepts. Andrew Starling emphasizes the opportunity to raise awareness among students about global issues by integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He provides concrete examples, such as addressing global warming, hunger, and ocean protection, through engaging activities suitable for different ages. Additionally, he highlights the availability of materials and resources for teachers to adjust their academic programs. Starling underscores the benefits for students, teachers, and institutions in addressing SDGs in English classes, aligning them with the global agenda. If you are looking to enrich your classes and contribute to the future of your students, this talk is a must-attend opportunity.

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