Impact of data-driven teacher development and evaluation program. 

Panelist: Daniella You 

 Teacher evaluation is essential to understand the effectiveness of their methods and their impact on students, as well as for their professional development and effective classroom management. Daniella You emphasizes the diversity of approaches to measure performance, highlighting the importance of considering the context. Participating in the free webinar led by Daniella, Manager of Learning and Academic Development at Cultura Inglesa in Brazil, will not only enrich your profile but also allow you to identify areas for improvement. After the event, scan the QR code to receive a certificate.

Training for teaching, data-based assessment, and solutions

At Cultura Inglesa, Daniella You emphasizes the importance of adapting assessment methods to specific contexts. Unannounced classroom observation was replaced by a 4-phase training-focused plan, resulting in significant improvements in responding to student needs and professional development. Additionally, collaboration spaces were created among teachers, generating more projects and encouraging outstanding performance. Innovation is presented as key to progress, encouraging the exploration of new practices in the classroom. More details in the available talk.

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