Moving forward, teaching about women, and learning together in ELT class

Panelist: Ana Fabiola Velasco Argente

Can English learning materials impact students beyond language acquisition? Can they be adapted to make them feel included and properly represented? As a teacher, you can make a difference. Get to know examples of curriculums addressing gender inequalities and reinventing the role of women in society and culture.

In this free webinar, Ana Fabiola Velasco, who holds a B.A. in English Language Teaching and an M.A. in Education from UQROO, emphasizes the importance of boosting students' confidence and encouraging them to achieve anything they want despite gender stereotypes, while enabling language learning.

Adapting learning materials to empower women

Are there still gender-based roles such as household care, being a caregiver, or working at the office? How does society portray women? Are those representations accurate and fair? How do they impact education? Ana Fabiola Velasco invites us to question the role of women, mainly in Mexico, and the narrative presented in English learning materials.

To innovate in the syllabus creation and empower her students, she created a lesson plan that included women in history, art, science, sports, and culture, among others, while learning English-subjects related.

Finally, she shares her students’ comments, mainly female. They appreciated seeing variety in the content studied, learning about different topics, and relating to other women’s experiences. In this way, they felt more motivated to unlock their potential.

So, if you want to improve your class programs, don’t miss the opportunity to get some ideas from this webinar.

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