English language teaching, inclusion, and technology

Panelist: María José Galleno

The rapid technological evolution offers exciting opportunities for English language teaching in the classroom. However, it is crucial to consider the individual skills and needs of students, emphasizing the importance of inclusion in education. In a free webinar, María José Galleno, with over 15 years of experience as an English teacher, will address the effective integration of technology in teaching.

After the seminar, you can obtain a certificate by scanning the QR code, enriching your profile and enhancing your classroom management. María José, with master's degrees in Digital Technology Communication and Education, as well as TESOL Teacher Education, shares her experience from St. Brendan School.

English language teaching, technology, and inclusion:

Teacher María José emphasizes the importance of providing diverse tools to children to achieve equality in access to education. She recognizes that each student has different needs and learning processes, making it appropriate to use tailored methods, such as visual supports, technological aids, and auditory assistance, as needed.

Technology plays a crucial role in this approach, utilizing resources such as Padlet, Google Docs, and presentations, as highlighted in the webinar. In summary, technology is presented as a central tool for academic inclusion.

Watch the video and scan the QR code to get a certificate!

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