Remote teaching has become an all-encompassing focus for education systems since the pandemic forced schools into emergency remote teaching. The Covid-19 pandemic showed how educators need to constantly adopt new methodological strategies, use new technological tools, learn alternative forms of dialogue and interaction, among other adaptations. Education systems are now adjusting to hybrid and other types of remote teaching in our current context. Governments are also working to prepare their education systems to be resilient against future emergencies by improving remote teaching capabilities in schools.

The New Ways of Teaching documentary showcases English language teachers and students from some of the British Council’s key remote teaching programmes in the Americas region who share their experience as teachers and learners. The British Council has been delivering remote education in the region for over seven years, and the documentary shows the challenges and lessons learned of the remote learning process. It also reflects on educational systems, and talks about the resources and changes needed for students and teachers to have success with remote education. 

This documentary is for teachers, principals, school administrators, and public policymakers. It encourages us to build a truly student-centered educational future.

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