We women have always taken up challenges between us, wanting to expand our horizons beyond the restrictive opinions that society has regarding our participation in some of the most important global matters. Although the way to this objective has not been easy, on a daily basis women appear with the ability to show us the value of our resilience and strength.

This is the case of Romina Quezada, a user experience designer who, since a young age, had a particular and very structured interest in the arts and computing. Despite this, the stigma that she often suffered and the influence she had on seeing very few women working in technology meant that she decided on another path, gaining a university degree in Visual Arts. Despite this, her main passion came to light years later, when her work took her back to the land of technology in which she finally would achieve a Master of Sciences in Computing.

From this moment, Romina has become a perfect example of hard work and overcoming the common ideas of society, opening the way for other talented women like herself who seek the true map of their dreams, no matter how difficult and exclusive it may seem. Her work as a user experience designer has allowed for a link between STEM and Women on the Move, infecting other women with her enviable brave spirit. If you want to follow her example and be like the marvellous women who represent the purpose of our programme, keep connected with us and our aid in your closest community.