The British Council is seeking an organisation to curate and produce a range of digital materials for the regional campaign Young People & Violence in the Americas. 

Location: preferably based in Brazil, Colombia or the UK
Apply by: 3 July 2019
Start date: 22 July 2019
End date: 22 January 2020

You can find information on how to apply below. 

About the project

The British Council will implement the programme Building Movements - Young People and Violence, which involves an awareness raising campaign in Mexico, Jamaica and Cuba. The goal of the campaign is to enhance the understanding of why the Americas present the highest rates of violence and crime in the world, what are the repercussions for youth (the most affected population), and what could be more effective public policies and civil society intervention models to tackle the problem.  

About the role

An organisation with expertise in content production and curatorship is requested to both curate and produce a range of digital materials for the regional campaign Young People and Violence. 

Contract duration and value: Six months, from July 2019 to January 2020, equivalent to £ 12,000 in the country where the contract is signed as of the signature date.

All deliverables need to be developed in coordination with relevant British Council teams in each of the three project countries.  Specific deadlines will be agreed within the campaign strategy and communications plan - generic guideposts are provided below.

  1. Development of the curatorship and content production plan, in close collaboration with the campaigner and relevant British Council staff (especially project teams in Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba and the UK), to ensure coordinated actions.– based on the stakeholders mapping, campaign strategy, specific campaign objectives, messages and means of engaging each type of audience, online and face to face audience targets. By the end of the first month of the contract.
  2. In close collaboration with the campaigner as well as British Council country teams in Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico, compile and produce a range of campaign materials and present them in attractive digital formats for dissemination online, which will be previously agreed with the British Council team. These can range from webinars, video blogs, quizzes, interviews, white papers, documentaries, academic work and case studies on how young people are being affected by violence, prevention and protection strategies, methodologies, policies and innovative practices to mitigate the involvement of youth in violence - among others to be jointly defined. From month two to end of contract.
  3. Edit all the above, as well as short videos produced by Arts teams in Cuba and Jamaica, to produce shortened versions for quick dissemination in YouTube, WhatsApp and social media. From month two to end of contract.
  4. Produce a final compilation with all produced content in a publishable format. By the end of the contract, once all content has been produced/compiled.

Qualifications and experience required

  • At least seven years of international work experience in the areas of curatorship, production of digital communications materials, awareness raising campaigns, and fostering international networks, particularly through social media.
  • Experience in creating content using digital channels and graphic editing programs. Proven ability to curate and/or produce high quality webinars, video blogs, interviews, white papers, documentaries, compilation of academic work and case studies, among other campaign materials.   
  • Proven understanding of human rights issues affecting young people in the Americas and the work undertaken by key organisations to enhance their protection and promote their engagement in better pathways. 
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish. Portuguese is a plus.        

How to apply

You are invited to submit:

  • relevant track record (including client portfolio) divided by criteria 1, 2 and 3 in the Evaluation Criteria table (3MB maximum). Please refer to the Evaluation Criteria table in the Request for proposal (RFP)* (Download below);
  • samples and/or links to relevant work as per the Evaluation Criteria in the Request for proposal (RFP) (4MB maximum);
  • references from at least two clients, with contact details;

to by 3 July 2019, with subject the title ‘Content Production and Curatorship of Content for Digital Campaign (consultancy)’. 

*You can download the Request for proposal (RFP) on the link below to find the Evaluation Criteria, Timescale and other relevant information. 

Please note we will only respond to successful applicants, within 12 days of the application deadline (i.e. by 15 July).