A speaker on stage at a New Directions conference

New Directions in English Language Assessment

For the first time, New Directions comes to Latin America in 2019 with the centrepiece being British Council New Directions in English Language Assessment conference, 21, 22 and 23 March, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.

The conference will:

  • share approaches and solutions to language assessment challenges in the region and internationally
  • provide a unique platform to open the communication circle between language assessment academics, policy makers and practitioners
  • connect local, national, regional and global agendas in language assessment
  • provide a global network for policy makers and practitioners working in the field of English Language Assessment
  • support evidence-led decisions deriving from research.
  • support global thought leadership in assessment.

New Directions is a space where policy makers, educational professionals and academics can interact, exchange information, and keep abreast of leading developments in the field of English language teaching, learning, and assessment.