Artificial Intelligence-based writing evaluation for English academic writing 

Panelist: Daniel Murcia 

The increasing presence of Artificial Intelligence in our lives can’t be denied. Whether in social media, jobs, transportation, or hobbies we have had some approach to it. But what is its impact on English language teaching, academic writing, and education? How does AI affect the relationship between students and teachers? Is it useful in the academic field? Find out the answers to these questions.   

Watch this free webinar to learn more about this trending topic, which will be helpful for your classes. This time, Daniel Murcia, an applied linguist and educator with 15 years of experience in higher education and educational management and administration, shares the outcomes of a project developed to study if AI was beneficial for teachers' grades and students' feedback.  

Is Artificial Intelligence useful in academic writing? 

AI algorithms, such as GPT Artificial Intelligence, can assist in the academic writing process of language learners. Teachers can also use Automated Writing Evaluation to correct essays or other types of text. Even if we are still learning how to properly employ these tools, it is worth it to analyze how they affect the interaction between teachers and students, as well as the learning process.   

To do that, Daniel explains the study developed in the context of a Colombian undergraduate program of English language teachers, which was about the implementation of the Machine Learning-based platform: Intellimetric, applied to a course for academic writing.  

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