The impact of project-based learning through ecological activities. 

Panelist: Edward Cumpa 

Faced with challenges in English teaching, such as a lack of motivation, Professor Edward Cumpa from Peru highlights project-based learning as a solution. In his presentation, he explains how this methodology not only enhances English language skills but also encourages teamwork with an ecological focus, expanding vocabulary and encompassing various areas of knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Ideas for English Classes

In his presentation, Professor Edward Cumpa emphasizes the successful creation of organic fertilizer through composting as a central project. He discusses how this activity not only enriches students' ecological vocabulary, turning it into an interdisciplinary project, but also promotes practical skills such as efficient planning, product evaluation, material organization, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

Edward points out that students, through this approach, become more curious, communicative, collaborative, and willing to take risks, inviting other teachers to draw inspiration and elevate English teaching to a higher level.

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