What is Aptis?

Aptis is an innovative global English assessment tool that tests reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Flexible, reliable and user-friendly, it is the smarter way to evaluate English skill levels in your organisation or institution. You can use Aptis:

  • as part of your English development and training programmes, whether you provide face-to-face training, blended or e-learning
  • as a pre and post assessment tool, letting you see how much a candidate’s skills have improved with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ assessment snapshot.

The test has been delivered in 85 countries around the world and used by a large variety of organisations and institutions in the Americas, including the Universidad de Talca in Chile. An American English version of the test is available.

Why choose Aptis ?

  • Aptis uses a detailed reporting system, where both a scaled score and a CEFR level are provided for each skill tested.
  • Individual and group reports are provided so you get a clear picture of each test taker’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their ranking within their cohort.
  • A compulsory grammar and vocabulary test is combined with one or more skills tests (reading, writing, speaking and listening), allowing you to test only the skills that are relevant. 
  • Aptis can be taken using a computer, tablet, or pen and paper and results can be provided within 48 hours.
  • All Aptis tests consist of high-quality content put together and reviewed by a dedicated global team for suitability around the world.
  • Free practice materials and test guides are available for candidates. 
  • The test is simple to administer and technical support is provided.
  • The British Council is strongly committed to the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion in testing, so extra time can be allocated for candidates in specially prepared computer-based versions when this is required. A braille version of the core and reading test is available.

Aptis for schools, universities and colleges

As educators, you have an important role to play in enhancing the employability of your students and raising the quality of teaching in your educational institution. Reliable English language testing plays an essential role in this by enabling you to evaluate students and teachers, recruit the right staff, design suitable training programmes and place students in the right courses.

Aptis is an innovative English language test that enables educational institutions across the world to assess the English language proficiency of their teachers, other staff, and students. 

Aptis for Teachers is a variant of Aptis designed to assess English language skills in an educational context. Aptis for Teens is a variant of Aptis containing questions that have been designed to reflect activities that occur in a teenager’s everyday life. 

Aptis for government bodies and NGOs

English is becoming increasingly popular across the world and connects people from different nations, regions and cultures. The growing demand for English as a medium of communication and instruction makes it essential for government organisations to evaluate the English language proficiency of their employees.

Aptis is an innovative English language test that enables organisations across the world to assess the English language proficiency of employees and make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking, and workforce development. 

Aptis for businesses

In today’s dynamic business environment, a workforce with the ability to communicate effectively in English can translate into higher profitability and better brand image of the company. Therefore, it is important to review, recruit, and train professionals based on their English language skills.

Aptis is an innovative English language test that enables organisations to assess the English language proficiency of their staff and make informed decisions on recruitment, benchmarking and workforce development. 

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