What is Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE)?

Degree courses around the world are increasingly being taught in English, often where neither teacher nor students are native speakers. Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE) is a training course that gives your early and mid-career lecturers the skills they need to provide quality teaching through the medium of English in a competitive international market.

What are the benefits of ATE training?

Our ATE course is delivered in higher education institutions globally. Your lecturers will benefit from:

  • trainers with higher education expertise
  • the flexibility of face-to-face or blended course delivery
  • intensive English speaking practice and review of advanced language skills
  • linguistic tools and teaching strategies to teach through the medium of English
  • feedback on micro-teaching sessions by each participant

"The course has helped me in identifying gaps in my teaching, and to make my sessions more interactive and interesting and engaging students in different activities."