What is Researcher Connect?

For researchers around the world, effectively communicating their projects in English is essential to success. Our Researcher Connect course is is a professional development course that focuses on communication skills for international, multicultural contexts, designed to meet these global demands.

The course is designed for researchers at any stage of their career and from any academic discipline. The training provides participants with the insights, understanding and tools to communicate effectively in English, whatever the situation or context.  

Course structure

The course is offered as a series of modules delivered through face to face workshops. The ideal length of a Researcher Connect course is three days, and the best results are achieved when the number of course attendees does not exceed 20. 

Organisations hosting Researcher Connect may select the modules that best meet the development needs of the participants they select. The available modules include:

  • Foundation Module: Know Your Audience
  • Abstracts
  • Academic Collaboration
  • Effective Emails
  • Presenting with Impact
  • Persuasive proposals
  • Academic Writing
  • Social Media for Researchers 

What are the benefits for your institution?

  • Stronger representation at conferences
  • Increased publication rates
  • Higher quality funding applications
  • Stronger international reputation and ranking

What are the benefits for your researchers?

Researcher Connect is specifically designed for academic researchers to develop the professional skills required to better communicate their work, leading to:

  • Improved performance in publishing and presenting
  • Stronger international and private sector collaborations
  • Increased employability