Writing for resilience and interculturality: A binational student’s journal 

Panelists: Roxana Carolina Perca Chagua and Maria Elena Fávaro 

We all know that the writing process is key in English language learning and teaching. Still, it can also be a great tool to promote self-expression, social awareness, and collaborative work so that it becomes a meaningful experience for students and teachers.  

In this free webinar, Roxana Perca and Elena Fávaro share the outcomes of their project Yatiqirina Arupa: the Journal of Additional Languages in Secondary Education to consolidate the writing process in English learning. 

Roxana Perca works for the Peruvian Ministry of Education and holds a master’s in Linguistics. Elena Fávaro is a doctor in Language Sciences from the Universidad del Sur de Santa Catarina and a Master in Linguistics from Federal University and Santa Catarina. 

Writing process and collective work  

Starting from a meaningful situation, and involving a global context, a subject, a local context, questioning, and a challenge, the writing process can raise social awareness and promote self-expression, which is the methodology proposed by Roxana Perca and Elena Fávaro.   

Based on the question how can the production of a student’s journal contribute to students’ writing competence so that it motivates them to gain their voices and agency? They implemented a collaborative writing project in a Peruvian public school, among students aged between 15 and 16 years old, and a secondary technical education program in Brazil, among students aged between 16 and 20 years old.  

If you want to broaden your class programs, don’t miss the opportunity to get some ideas from this webinar. 

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