Research on the effects of school closures in the Americas gives us a glimpse of the challenges facing education this year. In New Ways of Teaching, we tell you the results of the report, along with advice for teachers and policymakers. Learn more about the key points of the report with the following Infographics.

Infographic 1: Key data on education after school closures:

The change from in-person to virtual education had to be assumed with different resources in order to minimize the consequences of closing the educational centers.

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Infographic 2: Tips to help teachers deal with the crisis:

Find out about the strategies that teachers implemented to keep the learning process moving forward.

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Infographic 3: Distance education and government initiatives

In 2020, governments and leaders of educational projects faced great challenges in adapting to the global changes caused by the pandemic.

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Infographic 4: The link between the school and at home support

One of the roles that underwent significant changes in virtual education was that of parents and caregivers in guiding students through the school process.

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Infographic 5: Management teams: making decisions for what is to come

The immediate response of those responsible for educational policies and school administrators was of great importance in dealing with virtual learning.

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Infographic 6: Focus on the impact of loss of learning

Learn about key data that emerged in the educational systems in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by downloading the following Infographic:

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