Designed around the needs of the developing adolescent brain

The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) is specifically designed around the needs of the developing adolescent brain in order to improve the way 11- to 14-year olds learn.

Learning with the IMYC follows six-week units based around a conceptual idea, called the ‘big idea’. An example of a big idea is: ‘Things are more stable when different elements are in the correct or best possible proportions.’ Students link the learning in their different subjects through the big idea, considering what they are learning from personal, interpersonal and global perspectives.

The IMYC is used in over 45 countries around the world by schools preparing students for a range of formal qualifications, including iGCSE and CBSE, and can be localised and mapped to national curriculums where required.

The IMYC offer to schools consists of:

  • Clear IMYC process of learning, philosophy and pedagogy.
  • Learning Goals including personal goals, subject goals and international goals.
  • 30 Big Ideas that guide teachers’ planning and provide lesson ideas.
  • My-Fieldwork online portal to support planning, sharing, webinars, and resources.
  • Self-Review Process - the ‘Bottom Line Nine’ criteria which is a set of rubrics for schools to measure their effectiveness with the IMYC.
  • Accreditation Process (optional) that validates effective use of the IMYC.
  • Assessment for Learning (AfL) rubrics to provide tracking on skills development and an online tracking system through our partner organisation, Classroom Monitor.
  • Full professional learning programme for IMYC (F2F, online and blended).