The consultancy services aim to support the strengthening of capacities of policy makers, leaders in higher education institutions (HEIs), and relevant academic and administrative staff in internationalisation strategies with a specific focus on transnational education (TNE) and MRQ engagement and partnership development.

The services also include assistance in partnership initiatives, providing analysis and expert advice in programme proposal design and planning. Additionally, the consultancy will aid in the creation of a monitoring and evaluation framework for TNE projects funded by the British Council in the Americas, as well as mapping the architecture, legislation, and possibilities for implementing a streamlined recognition process in Brazil. This consultancy will have a focus on Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. 


  • Develop and implement a plan to enhance the capabilities of policy makers, HEI leaders, and relevant academic and administrative staff in internationalization strategies, with a focus on TNE engagement and partnership development.
  • Provide expert advice and analysis for program proposal design and planning, particularly in joint programme partnership initiatives between UK and country higher education institutions.
  • Assist in the creation of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for TNE initiatives and partnerships funded by the British Council in the Americas, ensuring effective measurement of outcomes and impact.
  • Map the existing architecture, legislation, and possibilities for implementing a streamlined recognition process in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.
  • Assess relevant models and cases from the UK to gain insights applicable to the Brazilian, Peruvian, and Mexican context.
  • Organise workshops to present findings and engage stakeholders in a participatory manner.
  • Conduct market research to identify the demand and potential for transnational education programs in specific regions or countries.
  • Conduct capacity building activities and policy dialogues on TNE and internationalisation for system policy/decision makers, HEI leaders, international office staff, and academics.
  • Design and develop training workshops/webinars focused on internationalisation for government officials, covering topics such as HE internationalisation policymaking, funding schemes, and quality assurance frameworks, with a particular emphasis on TNE.
  • Provide capacity building and technical assistance for the design of PhD programmes.
  • Support the development of assessment criteria to guide the design, development, and evaluation of joint PhD programs.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in internationalisation and TNE through workshops, webinars, and technical assistance sessions.
  • Facilitate discussions and provide guidance on embedding internationalisation strategies and TNE practices within institutional policies and practices.
  • Assist in the alignment of Peru-UK TNE partnership development plans and facilitate the exchange of best practices and lessons learned.
  • Contribute to high-level discussions between the UK and Mexico regarding the implementation of MRQ, particularly in relation to annexes and operational aspects.
  • Develop tools and frameworks for monitoring and evaluating internationalisation and TNE programs, ensuring their effectiveness and impact.
Activity Date
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline)  24 July 2023
Deadline for submission of ITT responses by potential suppliers (Response Deadline) 3 August 2023
Contract start date 25 August 2023

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