We live in a world with a plurality of identities, genders, ethnicities, body shapes, among many other differences, and our learners most certainly reflect that. What about our teaching and materials? Do they reflect that diversity? What image of the English-speaking world are the pictures we use in the classroom conveying? What assumptions about our learners are there in the topics we discuss in class? The aim of this workshop is to briefly highlight why having diverse materials is important, how to adapt the materials we use to make them more inclusive, and what we should watch out for when adapting our materials. Audience participation is expected and there will be hands-on tasks.

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Ilá Coimbra

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ilá is an EFL teacher and teacher trainer based in Munich, Germany. Since 2016, Ilá has been interested in equality, representation, and critical pedagogy in ELT, which led her to start developing inclusive materials for the ELT classroom. She is a founding member and co-author of the Raise Up! project, a project that aims to make the classroom more inclusive and diverse. She is also one of the founding members of BRAZ-TESOL Voices SIG, a special interest group that focuses on equality in ELT.

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