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New Ways of Teaching 2nd edition

All events will start at 3:00 p.m. COL/MEX

30 June 2022:

Collaborative approaches for teacher learning and innovation

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28 July 2022:

The New Learner: Ditching outdated concepts and responding to a post-Covid reality

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25 August 2022:

Using microbreaks in online classes

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29 September 2022:

Telegram as a tool for remote teaching training

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27 October 2022:

Adapting materials to make the ELT classroom more inclusive

Coming soon

24 November 2022:

Graphic Facilitation for ELT: using simple drawings to engage learners

Coming soon

22 December 2022:

What Paulo Freire can teach us about ELT

Coming soon



 New Ways of Teaching 1st edition

29 July 2021:

New Ways of Teaching Launch

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26 August 2021:

Working with intercultural communities of teachers

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30 September 2021:

The benefits of teacher development for your daily work and career plans

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28 October 2021:

Climate Change in English Language Education

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25 November 2021:

Remote Teaching | Online learning

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16 December 2021:

Gender in English Language Education

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27 January 2022:

BBELT Conference – A preview 

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 9 June 2022:

New Ways of Teaching Documentary

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