In our second webinar Graham will showcase the discussions and results of our workshop on CPD that took place in Brazil in November 2019, as well as resources available to join our learning community and share your insights into CPD with others.

Graham Stanley, English for Education Systems Lead Americas, British Council
Catalina Holguin, Schools and Society Programmes Head, Americas, British Council
Willy Cardoso, Teacher trainer and consultant, British Council

Watch the recording of the cpdBE webinar 'The Continuing Professional Development Community in Brazil'.

  • Part 1: Introduction to cpdBE and how to join the Community of Practice on Slack (3 mins) 
  • Part 2: The cpdBE workshops (20 mins)
  • Part 3: Developing a community of practice on continuing professional development (12 mins)
  • Part 4: Developing mentors and trainers (17 mins)