Sharing the UK's expertise in school leadership

A great deal of work has been done in the UK to define what excellent school leadership looks like and to illustrate its role in school improvement, making the UK pioneers in this field.

As experts in the UK education system, we use our experience and knowledge to support education professionals around the world in building and implementing school leadership policies. 

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • developing national standards for school leadership, including qualifications
  • increasing the autonomy of school leaders
  • introducing 'middle leaders' – leaders throughout the school who have a range of responsibilities
  • early talent-spotting and career development throughout every teacher’s professional life
  • focusing on schools as key teacher training locations – in partnership with universities – based on the model of ‘teaching hospitals'
  • ‘system leadership’ based on the assumption that professionals in schools have a strategic role to play in the professional development of their peers
  • collaborative initiatives to raise standards, e.g. creating partnerships between high and low performing schools
  • developing national systems of school inspection that combine evaluation of quality with support for the improvement of results
  • using school performance data to drive improvement.

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