Every year, for 15 days there is a crafts fair in Bogotá “EXPOARTESANIAS”. Around 800 national artisans and international guests. In 2019, our CH4IG programme provided the participation from the indigenous people we work with so they could commercialize their products and exchange worldviews with the public.

The British Council planned and delivered the entire participation of the CH4IG indigenous groups to the 15 days crafts fair with our co-delivery partners’ the support. Indigenous people faced different situations for the first time, like selling their products, dealing with clients and managing their own money. In alliance with Artesanias de Colombia, they participated in eight talks for the general public and share their knowledge on weaving, traditional music, wood carving, traditional cuisine, worldview and territory.

Participating for the first time in this fair, raise awareness between the general public, discovering marvelled that the British Council not only focuses on English teaching and education, but works with vulnerable groups by acknowledging and strengthening Colombian indigenous people cultural heritage. It created a huge impact. To other artisans, the BC is considered a valuable and trusty ally.