Music, Data and Innovation

Selector PRO is the capacity building programme delivered by the British Council for the professionalisation of the emerging music industry. It aims to provide training and support to musicians and entrepeneurs, providing a space for discussion and mutual collaboration between Argentina and the UK. In a 2-day conference format, it will offer discussion panels, workshops, networking spaces and live shows, bringing together the actors of the local music industry with some key representatives from the UK.

On 4-5 October 2019 took place the Conference Selector Pro, with over 300 attendees that participated in discussion panels and conferences delivered by professionals such as Grant Bussinger from Warp records, Paul brindley from Music Ally and Kuky Pumar from Leader Music. Then at La tangente there was a networking space and Live shows by Femigangsta and UK artist Greentea Peng. 

Selector Pro provided a space for artists and music professionals to meet and discuss. Local actors connected with the UK sector, expanding their network of contacts through this programme. As a result, the UK’s international reputation was enhanced and viewed in Argentina as an innovative and collaborative country. All this contributes to our cultural relations and soft power approaches.