Empowering Creative Sector

Creative Collective programme seeks to support, develop and position the creative economy that has social impact in Mexico drawing from the experiences of the United Kingdom.

It focuses on strengthening the capacities of different actors in the creative economy: young creators, creative leaders, and public managers.

In partnership with NESTA, Royal College of Art and University of Arts, Creative Collective held 3 public events and trainings:

  • Creative Enterprise Programme, focused on entrepreneurship.
  • Creative Policy Programme, focused on Public Innovation
  • Creative Leadership Programme, focused on Cultural Leadership.

Between these, we reached directly more than 1,000 people.

We published a report on skills development in the creative economy called: Skills for the Creative Economy: Needs, education and learning styles in Mexico.

Our programme enhances the UK's and British Council's reputation as leaders on the Arts sector in the 3 different audiences that it covers: young artists, leaders in the sector and public managers. It creates a space of mutual understanding  to share different practices and ideas within the countries.