IRIS Connect is a video-based professional learning platform that goes beyond simple lesson recording. It provides all the tools and support needed to help revolutionise learning outcomes and focuses on the four main elements necessary for effective professional development: theory, modelling, practice and coaching.

Why choose Iris Connect?

Teachers can:

  • receive or provide effective coaching and mentoring; get around distance and timetable constraints with flexible access to the platform and the possibility for live remote coaching
  • create collaborative spaces to share videos privately with a peer, a coach or a wider community of practice within or across organisations and boarders.
  • be involved with peer observation and support or undertake research and collaborative enquiry, with the option to share findings with our wider international community.

For the individual teacher, IRIS Connect makes CPD self-directed, contextualised and meaningful. For the whole school, it facilitates developing a culture of trust, openness and professional dialogue and leads to better teaching and most importantly, better learning.

The platform is informed by years of research into the use of video for professional learning and the transformative impact it can have. The platform is used for, and is the subject of, ongoing research internationally. It has been built around all ethical and legal responsibilities and with the user peace of mind at its centre.

What do teachers say about Iris Connect?

  • 94% say their teaching has improved
  • 88% say their confidence has risen
  • 85% feel there has been a positive impact on collaboration.