The Lead Practitioner (LP) programme has been designed for teachers who decide that leadership of learning, rather than system leadership, is their chosen career path. 

Lead Practitioner Accreditation:

  • empowers and develops the best practitioners, rewarding and inspiring them to make a difference where it really counts – in the classroom
  • is a quality mark of excellent practice and of a school’s commitment to professional learning for world class educators
  • is delivered through a blended approach of face-to-face training and coaching online
  • is a scalable model that tracks school improvement projects and develops individual leaders.

What does the SSAT Lead Practitioner Programme provide?

  • A Framework and set of standards for international benchmarking in leadership of learning.
  • A professional development online tool to identify and set professional targets.
  • A formative process that encourages evaluation and critical reflection, collaboration and a relentless focus on impact on students.
  • Training to develop Lead Practitioners with skills and attributes to lead.
  • Access to a wide range of resources, research and case studies.
  • Opportunities to engage with regional, national and international networks of Lead Practitioners.
  • Alignment at Masters level in England, which could be aligned at local university level if required.