Great schools contain brilliant teachers

The Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) is a whole-school approach that builds the capacity of teachers, school leaders and support staff to give them a robust teaching and learning framework and an embedded language of learning that develops effective, independent learners in their pupils. 

The TEEP learning cycle puts the learner at the heart of the lesson planning process, focusing on how to learn as much as what to learn. 

There are 3 levels to TEEP, all delivered face to face:

  • Level 1: A detailed foundation of the TEEP framework and application in the classroom for all staff.
  • Level 2: Embedding and Developing TEEP practice for a core group of TEEP leads.
  • Level 3: Train the trainer. Deeper exploration of the TEEP framework and ability to debrief and model TEEP. Internship opportunities created for those wanting to become qualified SSAT TEEP trainers.

TEEP can be delivered into an individual school or group of schools as a pilot, or scaled up to be delivered systemically. It can also be used for capacity building.

 What problems does TEEP solve?

 TEEP addresses the four main causes of teacher variability and inconsistency:

  • inconsistent pedagogical approach and learners restricted to a limited repertoire of teaching approaches
  • lack of skills or professional development opportunities to progress
  • lack of a strong vision for teaching and learning across the school
  • lack of collaboration and interest in building capacity and expertise internally.